A digital marketer faces the constant challenge of keeping the pace with constant technology changes. Intuition and luck are no longer the keys to productivity and success. To profit from a marketing campaign, you need careful planning coupled with lots of micromanagement. Doing all the tasks yourself could be overwhelming. That is why you need a sort of Santa’s little helpers that will solve some of the organizing issues for you.

Here are 3 tools that will direct traffic to your website and enhance the productivity of your digital marketing strategy:

Google Analytics

Every project has some marketing goals. Google Analytics has an easy and user-friendly manner that shows you if you are on the right way of completing them. Through this service, you can see how many visitors you get on your website, how busy is the online traffic and which pages are redundant dead weights.

Google Analytics can present you with a complete profile of your customers. It reveals where they are coming from and what are their web-navigating habits. The more information you have on their purchasing pattern, the better you become at guiding them through the sales funnel. The good news is that all these services come for free and the subsequent growth of your business is priceless.


This is the Facebook of professional networks. This media service allows you to create a profile page for your company. Through this channel, you can promote your services to other business-oriented individuals or corporations. This service also helps you generate leads and create a unique image for your company, which helps the target audience distinguish you from your rivals.

LinkedIn is the ideal place to post content about your company and get in touch with your customers. This tool also helps you develop a blogging platform that keeps you in contact with your business partners and the latest market changes. Your digital marketing strategy can profit from a powerful boost just by implementing this free service.


This is a recent addition to the wide range of digital marketing tools, but one that is very efficient. Canva is a design app that helps you build content in a fast way and without too much hassle. If you lack Photoshop skills and image implementation methods, then this is what you need to fill the gap between you and your competition.

Research has shown that websites with vivid graphics are the targets of a high click rate from their visitors. You might consider a highly skilled graphic department to help you reach that goal. However, with Canva you can solve this issue in a quick and economical manner. You can easily create a professional design with a powerful appeal with the simple drag and drop method.

There is a 30-day free trial and an ensuing subscription that open the gates to a wide range of templates and presets of marketing content. Your business might still be in its initial stage, but with Canva your website will provide the image of a well-established enterprise.

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